Bookkeepers For Small Businesses

Dedicated bookkeepers for small businesses help your business grow and run efficiently, while not sacrificing your time.

At Accounting District, we will assign you to a dedicated bookkeeper. We understand your business and will show you how we can help your business grow and thrive. We specialize in outsourcing bookkeepers for small businesses. After our initial free consultation and a partnership is agreed to, we gather everything your dedicated bookkeepers need from you and get to work.

Your bookkeeper will import all of your business transactions in our cloud based software and will send you financials every month. If we need anything from you, we will get in touch promptly to let you know. Communication is key to our success as a partnership. Our goal is to get you set up fast and efficiently in order to start working right away.

All of your work is saved on the cloud and you can track progress, request real time changes, and get timely financials to make informed business decisions. You can file your taxes on time or we can even do them for you.

Setting up and configuring new QuickBooks files

  •  If you are a new business, it is important you get QuickBooks file set up in the correct way based on your nature of business and transition type. The most comment mistake that a new business owner can do is not set up Quickbooks file accurately and it will result in incorrect business reports and tax issues. Let our expert team of CPA and bookkeeper help you setting up Quickbooks in the correct way so that you can track your business performance and taxes correctly and hassle-free.

Fixing“broken” QuickBooks

  • Our team of brilliant bookkeepers can help you get the messed up bookkeeping QuickBooks file on track. If you catch up with bookkeeping, we can help you get up to date in no time and help you maintain it for the future as well.


Hire your dedicated bookkeeper or CPA that can transform rigorous daily business processes to be more efficient and add value to your organization by providing simple, standard and scalable solution, which help you develop better oversight on your business, and opportunities of growth.

Accounts payable (bills and payments) Maintain fixed asset register

  • Our extremely qualified staff codes each Vendor bill/Invoice related to your nature of business into the latest cloud-based software (Quickbooks or Xero or Sage) Invoices are digitized and payment approvals are automated. You can email us your Vendor bills or ask your vendors to send all Invoices to a dedicated email address. We will alert you when bills become due and initiate payments on your behalf

Accounts Receivable (invoices and collection) Setting up inventory tracking

  • Based on the nature of your business we set a process to generate invoices in Quickbooks or any other cloud based software and send them to your customers on timely manner. We follow up with your business based on the agreed terms so that you have a healthier cash flow.

Bank account and credit card reconciliation Employee expense management

  • We will provide you with a team of expert bookkeepers. We can set you up with the latest technology and help you achieve your revenue goals. Accounting District works with accounting software you know and love, including QuickBooks and Xero. Now you can access your data anywhere, anytime. We reconcile all your bank and credit card transaction and make sure your bookkeeping is coordinated and is up to date.

Setting up inventory tracking

  • Our secure, web-based platform offers retailers a powerful, feature-rich and easy-to-use Point of sale (POS) system that can handle high-volume transactions accurately and reliably. Our solution is scalable to one store or many and allows you to access all your stores’ data from any location on or offsite. We help you synchronize your POS with your quickbooks or another accounting software

Payroll management

  • We use applications like ADP, Intuit, Gusto or Paychecks to help you leverage the best in the market to manage payroll services and as payroll administrator, we manage your time and save you cost on all payroll related activities.

Schedule your free consultation with us today and see how a dedicated bookkeeper can benefit your small business today!